Let's make the human life more effective

with the means of automation

Who We Are

Fallen in love with science, research and exploration of the outer world. Heading towards efficiency, simplicity and perfection of life in all its forms, extensively using the means of modern technology. Extremely investing in education and knowledge sharing. We serve humanity as the main customer at first place.

At your service
With modern approaches and professional attitude, opening all the secrets on the way to solid knowledge in IT
QA Automation
Shielding IT projects from unwanted development and refactoring side effects via efficient Test Automation.
Agile Transformation
Following practical and efficient modern agile and XP practices to organize the process of discovering new inventions and developing humanity oriented products.
The Credo
We live in the world when Science and Technology come into our home, become one more hand of us. We watch science fiction films and the next day the figment of our dreaming imagination becomes reality. But still some films and books are in the «awaiting incarnation» queue. And we don’t want to make them wait too much. Because the miracle of life is worth much more than compromises with routine.
No comprimises with routine
Still common sense and context driven
The most effective and high-quality solutions
Made with the state of the art tools
Driven by enthusiast professionals
With humanity as first priority customer
Join us to automician reality!
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