Who We Are

Our mission is to make human life more effective with the means of automation.
Automician skilled team members serve humanity
as the main customer at first place.


Completely fallen in love with science, research and exploration of the outer world. Heading towards efficiency and perfection of life in all its forms, extensively using the means of modern technology.


Following practical and efficient modern agile and XP practices to organize the process of discovering new inventions and developing humanity oriented products.

Our Activities


With modern approaches and professional attitude, opening all the secrets on the way to solid knowledge.

Test Automation

Shielding web projects from unwanted development and refactoring side effects via efficient Test Automation.

AR Design

Bringing the power of modern computers to augment reality in order to reach beyond our perception limits.

Latest Posts

The Team is Always Right

The Team is Always Right

Iakiv Kramarenko / 19 Apr 2016

There is no “Customer is Always Right” slogan for us. Because there is no “common” customer at all. There is a team and a goal to which it goes. A goal...

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Iakiv Kramarenko / 28 Mar 2016

We live in the world when Science and Technology come into our home, become one more hand of us. We watch science fiction films and next day the figment of our dreaming...

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Our Team

Iakiv Kramarenko


Enthusiast traveller, photographer, capoerista and a lot more. Passionate of IT, new ideas and innovations in mobile and web. Strong believer and disciple of Agile and XP.

Oleksandr Shabeliuk

Software Engineer

AR Designer skilled in web and applied mathematics. One of so rare keepers of students enthusiasm to modern science at Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.

Julia Iluhina

Software Engineer

Highly experienced software soldier of our team, with solid leadership skills. Felt in love with Test Automation, still passionate of Software Development in all its forms.

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